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Commercial Manager at Human Capital Partners (HCP)

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The role will be reporting to the Managing Director and will be supervising the Contract Analyst. The role will be responsible for managing operational accuracy of the company’s contractual and financial obligations with focus on the long-term interest of the business. Ensure day-ahead asset optimization while analyzing fundamental market information. Involved in ensuring contractual compliance including risk mitigation, commercial and corporate management, negotiation, notices and dispute resolution for the company.


  • Represent the company’s interest in managing activities of all parties engaged in negotiation and administration of agreements including buying, selling and transportation of energy-related products such as the bilateral power, natural gas, transmissions, and ancillary services in respect of the asset.
  • Review of contracts and compliance to terms and conditions of contract
  • Ensures day to day review of both systems and market operations in accordance to signed contract, and also ensure all contracts executed by the company are implemented as designed.
  • Help in providing explanation to details in the contracts and ensure terms discussed in the policies are followed by all the parties.
  • Notify management of probable amendments in the contract in case the contracts are not satisfactory and have some flaws
  • Provide necessary advice to the operation team and ensure that all invoices reflect contractual obligation.
  • Maintain documented reports on all contractual issues for future references of the company
  • Monitor and review gas deliveries from start of commissioning to Annual Contract Quantity of Natural Gas.
  • Management of planned daily flows into transportation pipelines
  • Ensure adherence to contract as it relates to nominations of Daily Contract Quantities supplied and the Delivery Capacity within contractual limits.
  • Monitor the different components of Natural gas taken in each contractual year in relation to Take or Pay quantities applicable for each contractual year, Make-up quantity and other quantities delivered by the seller every contract year.
  • Ensures adequate pricing of Natural Gas delivery in accordance with signed contract.
  • Reviews the efficiency of the nominations and accounting activities to ensure that those functions are run in optimal manner.
  • Monitor notices and escalations, engage in dispute resolution and provides input on risk mitigation strategy.
  • Review the accuracy of Adjusted Monthly Reserve Capacity in line with terms and conditions within the contract.
  • Ensure correctness of Transportation Charges (both Capacity and Commodity Charges in accordance with relevant article and schedule within the contract
  • Review monthly invoice and correctness of all relevant adjustment including applicable exchange rates
  • Ensure that appropriate notifications are made in respect to deviations from agreed terms within the contract and escalate commercial implication of same.
  • Ensures adequate pricing and correctness of commercial liability within the contract at all times.
  • Monitoring and tracking correctness of billings and payments for mandatory ancillary services; Monthly Black Start Payment, Black Start Test Payment and Black Start Variable Cost Payment. This will be reviewed in accordance with the Black Start Payment ‘Schedule 3’.
  • Review and monitoring of financial implication of default, Black Start under performance and all other variability to terms and conditions within the GCA contract
  • Monitoring and tracking of salient notices and activities within the contract
  • Oversee the preparation of Customer energy requirements and ensure economic dispatch.
  • Review and monitor all notices and escalations within signed contracts and addendum to signed contract.
  • Review and monitor variable data and inputs to major invoice components; Capacity Payments, Energy Payments, and Additional Payment Component (both Local & Foreign Components).
  • Review of Consolidation into Monthly invoice of other components; Supplemental Payments (less adjustments with respect to payments for the provision of Black Start services received for provision of Ancillary Services by the company.
  • Review reconciliation of Indices (Foreign & Local) including Exchange rate True-up on invoices (Gain or Loss)
  • Monitor Operator responsibilities at operations in accordance with activities in Schedule 1 of the Operation and Maintenance Agreement.
  • Ensure responsibilities of the Operator in respect of Long-Term Service Agreement to protect the long-term interest of the company.
  • Ensure that Operator adheres to guidelines for measuring standard performance as stated in Clause 3.7 of the O&M contract.
  • Ensure adequate tracking of warranty claims from all parties to the contract
  • Monitor schedule of Scheduled Maintenance Outages and Unscheduled Outages
  • Participate actively in dispatch projections in relation to provision of weekly, monthly and annual estimates of Net Electrical Output in accordance to terms of contract
  • Ensure Operator provide reports on non-binding forecasts of Available Capacity.
  • With the assistance of all necessary inputs by the Operator, participate actively in the preparation of Settlement Statement as contractually required to be made available to the System Operator, Market Operator and the Buyer.
  • Perform all other functions as might be necessary within contract.
  • Ensure compliance of the Plant Operator (O&M) to all agreeable notices with signed contracts. These includes monitoring of daily, weekly, monthly or annual forecast as might be required from time to time in respect of all Commercial Contracts. This will ensure that commercial/financial loss are duly mitigated.
  • Provide managerial oversight and engage actively in resolution of disputes in respect of signed contracts. To also engage in effective negotiation of terms and conditions of contracts actively in the interest of the company. To engage in diligent investigation, explanations and provision of reliable facts and figures in dispute resolutions. This will be in line with guidelines within the signed contracts, standard practice, adherence to Anti Bribery and Corruption (ABC) policy of the company and applicable laws.
  • Contributes to the development of financial and operations strategy for business growth and development, and budget preparation. Provides operations and commercial support as may be required from time to time across the company’s functional departments by translating the broad objectives of the company to actionable goals.
  • Manage all official correspondence, support and provide input on all reporting activities through the validation of statistics and key performance indicators.
  • Assist with analyzing and improving the settlements process including designing metrics for measuring group performance. Perform supervisory tasks including preparation and delivery of performance reviews, assigning work and coaching activities.


  • Bachelor’s degree in business, engineering or law. Graduate MBA preferred
  • Minimum of ten (10) years of experience in an analytical profession of engineering, law, business, mathematics, or economics
  • Attention to details with regards to settlement accuracy of parties to contract
  • Have a strong understanding of regulatory and market changes and the impact on assets.
  • Able to function under minimal supervision as well as take responsibility
  • Excellent data, relationship, commercial liability and documentation management
  • Ability and capacity to operate successfully in a high pressure, fast-paced and multicultural environment and meet deadlines satisfactorily skills.

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