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Coloured Arch of Titus

  • History

The famous Arch of Titus still stands in the Roman Forum – a marble monument to the emperor’s glory and a symbol of victory in the Jewish war (66-73 CE). The building also reminds us of the plundering of the Second Temple in Jerusalem by the Romans – to this day, in the Jewish calendar, there is a day commemorating the anniversary of the destruction of the Temple. What is worth noting, however, scientists have reconstructed the hypothetical appearance of the building in ancient times.

On the arch, you can see marble bas-reliefs showing Roman victory, triumph and looted items. According to experts, however, the monument was not always white and colourless. In 2012, a team of experts undertook an attempt to learn the true colours of the building that once decorated it. The structural elements were analyzed in detail, the latest technologies were used and the marble was scanned for traces of colour. This is the result of their work.

Coloured Arch of Titus