Colombians want to consider Gerard Pique 'persona non grata' after his breakup with Shakira

Colombians want to consider Gerard Pique 'persona non grata' after his breakup with Shakira

After separating from Shakira amid rumors of infidelity, Gerard Pique seems to be frowned upon in Colombia, his ex-partner’s country of origin.

Colombia does not forgive the alleged betrayal.

Some media outlets proposed declaring the soccer player “persona non grata” in Colombia.

Not only because of the alleged betrayal towards the singer. Colombians are mad because the soccer player only visited the South American country once with Shakira in 12 years of the relationship.

Pique’s popularity drops:

In Barranquilla, Shakira’s homeland, the popularity of the Barcelona defender is on the decline, as well as on social media.

Pique loses followers on social media every day since the breakup with Shakira.

On the contrary, the Colombian singer gained followers, and her numbers on social networks increased.

The number of her reproductions on Spotify continues to increase, especially with her recent rejection song “Te Necesito.”

Shakira and Pique’s relationship fades:

Reports said the current relationship between Shakira and Pique is negative.

Even the communication about their children is complicated between both.

Some media outlets pointed out that three days ago, the player was supposed to pick up their children, and the staff prevented him from doing so.

Media outlets reported that Pique left angry. However, he returned moments later to take his children to school.

When the garage door opened, Shakira saw her ex’s car and entered the house, just as she was about to meet him face to face for the first time in a long time.

Shakira’s nickname:

All of Gerard Pique’s entourage know Shakira as ‘La Patrona’ because she didn’t have a very good attitude with the footballer’s friends,” said journalist Lorena Vazquez on the Ya Es Mediodia show on Telecinco.

“She has never mingled too much with Gerard Pique’s lifelong friends, not even with the rest of the wives of the Barcelona players. And that has been a problem for the couple since the beginning.”

Source: Marca

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