Colbert Roasts Donald Trump Jr.’s Desperate Steak-Shilling Grift

Colbert Roasts Donald Trump Jr.’s Desperate Steak-Shilling Grift

Donald Trump may have conned his supporters out of $250 million in the wake of the 2020 election, as revealed during this week’s Jan. 6 committee hearing, but his son has since resorted to a far more familiar grift.

“Until they face consequences, the ex-president’s family is still out there peddling their wares,” Stephen Colbert explained on Tuesday night’s Late Show, “including eldest MAGA son Don Jr., seen here wondering, ‘How come the airplane doesn’t have to flap?’”

The host called Donald Trump Jr.’s latest business venture an “homage” to his father’s infamous Trump Steaks, with his version of a mail-order meat company called Good Ranchers. After playing a clip of him promising meat delivered “to your door 100 percent of the time,” Colbert joked, “That sounds less like a delivery and more like a threat.”

But he was even more unnerved by a “steak-shilling video” that Trump Jr.’s fiancée Kimberly Guilfoyle made to “push his meat” in which she can be seen grilling them indoors.

“Holy carbon monoxide poisoning!” Colbert said in response. “Who grills like that inside the house?!” He imitated the former Fox News host becoming increasingly sleepy as she flipped steaks and ranted about freedom.

But there was one more question to be answered: “Given this family’s whole deal, what’s the grift here? Is it gopher meat? Maybe.”

Well, it turns out that Good Ranchers’ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau was revoked after numerous complaints, including one that claimed the steaks were “discolored and had sludge on them.”

“Well, like father, like steak,” Colbert joked.

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Source: The Daily Beast.

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