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Climate hysteria: what’s hidden on the other side of it?

We feature here a surprisingly sensible article from the British MSM, an industry infamous for its role as a propaganda mouthpiece for the globalist agenda thinly disguised as “telling people what’s going on”.

Of course, what we normally get is not an honest effort to brief us on what’s going on but instead a dishonest, slanted and often outright false narrative that hides what’s really going on.

The climate debate a case in point.

The problem with the climate debate is that most people only see or hear one side of the argument and you can’t have a proper debate when one side of the debate are not allowed to put forward their ideas.

For those who are unaware that the corporate media they rely on are amplifying one side of the issue and stifling others, it must appear that the issue is settled.

Except that it isn’t. Not by any stretch of the imagination, as becomes abundantly clear when one makes the effort to explore beyond the corporate media to see what other ideas, science and evidence are out there.

But of course, when the mainstream media drops its censorship and allows the other side to grab the microphone, the public gets a glimpse of truths that lie the other side of the carefully erected smokescreen of hysteria.

So well done the Independent for this effort to give the public a more balanced report.

‘We’re not in a climate crisis’: David Frost joins think tank that disputes global heating” – The Independent, November 9, 2022.

Global Warming Policy Foundation provides ‘objective view’, ex-Brexit minister argues

Former Brexit minister David Frost has joined a controversial thinktank that denies global heating is a problem, declaring: “We’re not in a climate emergency.”

The Global Warming Policy Foundation – founded by ex-Conservative chancellor Nigel Lawson – has faced calls for it to be stripped of charitable status because of its policy stance.

But Lord Frost, a key figure on the Tory right, said the organisation provided an “objective view” of climate change, as he also suggested the drive for net zero is unachievable.

“One of the things we most need is open debate, full and frank debate,” the former Boris Johnson ally told the TV station GB News.

“The GWPF has been very good at promoting that, over a decade and more, given an objective view of what is going on – and I very much want to be a part of that.”

The backbencher also called for fracking to go ahead, after Rishi Sunak reimposed a ban, and said Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng “should have stuck to their guns” instead of U-turning on the disaster mini-budget.

“In my view we’re not in a climate emergency or a climate crisis in the very hysterical way some people want to suggest, Lord Frost said.

The comments come amid criticism of Rishi Sunak for a “vacuum of leadership” over climate change, as his claim to be “at the forefront” of global efforts to avert disaster was ridiculed.

The prime minister initially refused to attend the Cop27 summit and the UK was criticised for being among 165 countries that have failed to beef-up promises to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Mr Sunak has also sent Alok Sharma, the respected Cop26 president, into exile, sacking from both his cabinet and his government.

The Global Warming Policy Foundation was launched in 2009 by Lord Lawson, who has called global heating a “non-existent problem” and “quasi-religious hysteria, based on ignorance”.

In the interview, Lord Frost said: “We do have a problem. And the way to tackle that is to adapt and to be serious about the kind of energy supplies we are trying to develop.

“But my worry is that we’re rushing this, trying to do too much too quickly – the technologies aren’t yet available and we’re running into problems.”

He pointed to the Ukraine war and added: “We are facing the prospects of, at least, severe strain on our energy supplies this winter.

“People are focusing on what really matters – which isn’t just carbon emissions, but will the lights stay on, do we have security of supply, and can we afford our energy?”