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Civil news: tender to replace HPCDS services opens

Tenders are invited from 17 November 2022 to bid for the Housing Loss Prevention Advice Service (HLPAS). This will allow delivery of early legal advice in social welfare law together with in-court duty work from 1 August 2023.

The in-court work service is currently provided under the Housing Possession and Court Duty Scheme (HPCDS). But this will be replaced by HLPAS, as set out in the Civil Legal Aid (Housing and Asylum Accommodation) Order 2022.

We are also inviting applications for the delivery of housing and debt contract work to support delivery of the HLPAS.

Why is this happening now?

We need to award new contracts in time for the delivery of HLPAS services from 1 August 2023 until 31 August 2024 in 103 HLPAS areas. These areas are listed in the HLPAS Information for Applicants document (IFA) available on our GOV.UK tender pages.

We intend awarding one contract for each HLPAS area. We will offer an unlimited number of contracts for housing and debt services in each procurement area.

Who is eligible?

Providers able to meet the minimum tender requirements can deliver HLPAS services. You do not need to be a current legal aid provider to tender for this opportunity.

What are the minimum requirements?

Providers interested in delivering HLPAS work must meet one of the following requirements:

  • currently hold a 2018 housing and debt contract

  • be awarded a 2018 housing and debt contract through the procurement process at the office from which they are bidding

In consideration of these requirements, we are also inviting tenders for the delivery of housing and debt contract work.

Providers tendering for a housing and debt contract as part of this procurement process, must also submit a compliant tender for HLPAS work.

Tender deadline

The tender opens on 17 November 2022 and closes at 12pm on 19 December 2022. Bids must be submitted using the Legal Aid Agency’s eTendering system.

Further information

HLPAS and housing and debt services from August 2023 – to find out more and download documents

eTendering system – to submit your tender

Civil Legal Aid (Housing and Asylum Accommodation) Order 2022 – legislation setting out introduction of HLPAS

Source: GOV.UK