Christians “Hurting Society” or Hurt by Society? Church Leader Penalized for Gathering

Christians “Hurting Society” or Hurt by Society? Church Leader Penalized for Gathering

06/26/2022 China (International Christian Concern) – On June 2, Huang Lei, the leader of Yueyang Lou District Rock Bible house church in Hunan province, was officially penalized for hosting a gathering of over 180 Christians.

On April 17, Mr. Huang also hosted a public gathering when Yueyang City had issued a mandate that all gatherings should be banned during the pandemic. The government claimed that the meeting, which included attendees sharing Christian video and audio content, hurt society.

Approval for such an event was necessary since the gathering took place in Hunan Province’s Yueyang City. Ths city had recently put up a mandate restricting public meetings in response to pandemic concerns. According to the official penalty statement, the event was deemed harmful to society.

As a consequence of Mr. Huang’s actions, a fine of 500 yuan (approximately $74) and detainment for 10 days was issued. The church leader can choose to either submit an application for administrative reconsideration within 60 days or file a lawsuit to Yueyang City Junshan District People’s Court within 3 months.

News of Mr. Huang’s punishment comes only a couple of weeks before the trial of fellow Christian preacher Geng Zejun who was arrested in January for “organizing illegal gatherings.” Such cases point to heavier government crackdowns against Christians in China.

Please pray for Mr. Huang and justice for all detained and imprisoned Christians.

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Source: Persecution.

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