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Chief Operating Officer (COO) at OppApp

Job Description

  • If nothing is done, many young people will struggle to find employment that will improve their living conditions.
  • We have spent the last six months investigating the finest methods for creating the talent workflow system that will assist in matching African talents with opportunities. At the moment, the prototype system and business processes are being developed.
  • We’ll close the skills gap and give talented Africans more employment opportunities.
  • The founders are distinguished academicians with years of professional experience in executive roles at top businesses and a solid technical foundation.
  • As the product-market is significantly validated, the company’s goal is to become a “unicorn” (one-billion-dollar valuation) in the following three to five years.
  • The company’s values are centered on meritocracy, reason, entrepreneurship, and empathy.
  • Given that the company is in the ideation stage, the people hired for this position will receive a sizeable amount of equity.
  • The person is fully remote.
  • The business is in its pre-seed stage, with interest from a small number of VCs once an MVP is created and potential funding from NEAR protocol.
  • We urgently require a Chief Operating Officer because we are at a crucial point in our growth. Ideally, we want someone with previous startup experience who has experience in all phases of the design process.
  • We are looking for someone who is passionate about assisting businesses in succeeding and bringing out the best in people to join our Executive Team as our Chief Operating Officer, reporting to our CEO & CSO.
  • The Chief Operating Officer (COO), who is a member of the executive management team and an essential component of business development, is accountable for providing the executives with extensive technical support, direct supervisory management of the entire organization’s portfolio, and the creation of novel ideas in close cooperation with important stakeholders to accelerate business growth.

Your role as COO will be to be fully in charge of all internal day-to-day aspects of the business:

  • General Management: In collaboration with CSO, CEO, contribute to the Company’s strategy and lead the Execution Plan e.g. Quarterly & Annually
  • Sales & Marketing: In collaboration with the Sales & Marketing Team, drive execution of both the Marketing & Sales Plans – Online & Offline Marketing, Lead Generation & Conversion, Revenue Targets, dynamic Pricing & Discounts
  • Product: In collaboration with Product Team, drive the execution of the Product Roadmap – Design, Operations & Tech – e.g. Design upgrades, Fit Out Budget & Timing, Brand Standards, SOP Manual, Tech Stack & Road Map etc.
  • Finance: In collaboration with Accounting Team, drive the execution of the Budget as defined by the Board of Directors – e.g. Financial Reporting, Management Accounting, Financial Analysis & Decision making, Cash Management, local debt funding
  • Talent: In collaboration with Talent Team, drive the execution of the Talent Roadmap – e.g. company culture, recruitment, training, upskilling, goal setting, performance management

Main Responsibilities

  • Optimize organizational structure and processes and accelerate ongoing realignment and change management efforts; expand internal management capability both through direct, hands-on leadership and by empowering other leaders across the organization. Connect decision-making and resource allocation to strategy.
  • Directly manage all aspects of the organization, notably the technical, and operational components of the business.
  • Identify key business opportunities and support the development of innovative long term business strategies.
  • Ensure that cross-portfolio strategy aligns with organizational goals and best practices.
  • Oversee the implementation and refinement processes as governed by the group plan.
  • Support the development of implementation strategies and work plans, and coordinate the day-to-day management of technical staff and technical management of the program in the field office.
  • Represent the project in local, national, and international meetings and events in the absence of the CEO & CSO.
  • Live and promote the values of the organization. Build trust by increasing transparency and collaboration across teams to amplifying the collective impact the organization can have externally.
  • From pre-award to close-out, oversee the investment and funding drive, sub-contract and sub-grant cycle, including the solicitation processes, pre-award, award, monitoring, and close-out of sub-awards based on regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Maintain a strong and wide network with key partners and stakeholders in assigned areas and ensure that the project is represented in appropriate steering and advisory groups.
  • Coordinate with other key implementing partners on common objectives and activities, as needed.
  • Responsible for planning and implementing operational strategies, plans and procedures
  • Oversee the company’s daily operations and the work of the executives.

Qualifications & Professional Experience

  • Candidates should possess a Bachelor’s Degree qualification
  • Minimum of ten years’ experience in project management, including years in strategic leadership and/or line management.
  • Multi-sector project management and implementation experience that has been proven.
  • Demonstrated expertise in building local capacity, staff development, and strategic planning.
  • Experience as a project director for a large, complex, funded project for at least five years.

Core Skills & Functional Competencies:

  • Commitment & Integrity
  • Expert in the field and a thought pioneer.
  • Sound judgment and good scalability.
  • Accountability and proactiveness
  • Excellent communication skills in both writing and speaking.
  • Excellent people management skills
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Ability to influence decision making and negotiate to obtain the desired result.
  • Quick learner who can deal with uncertainty.

What’s in it for you

  • Meaningful early-stage shares equity
  • Large token allocation
  • A well thought through concept and business plan with early-stage validation
  • No salary until funding can be achieved, all pending salary arrears will be prorated and paid upon funding.
  • Remote Flexibility
  • Tons of influence and input, you will not be a cog in a wheel here!
  • Founding Member.

Interested and qualified candidates should send their Resume, Portfolio, and Cover Letter to: [email protected] using the Job Title as the subject of the mail.


  • Since this is a startup, there will be no pay until we raise money in September 2023. The founder is open to team members having a main job until funding is secured while you work part time.
  • Again, this is NOT A PAID POSITION; rather, the compensation is equity in the company and a sizable token allocation.
  • Once we generate revenue or receive an investment, we can pay ourselves a salary through September 2023. All pending salary arrears will be prorated and paid upon funding in September 2023.

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