Chartered Accountant at You Centred Consulting

Chartered Accountant at You Centred Consulting

Job Brief

We are looking for a highly qualified Chartered Accountant with years of experience to lead a team of accountants.
The Chartered Accountant is responsible for implementing accounting systems and processes, preparing monthly financial reports, controlling the master data of the general ledger, and ensuring compliance with the state revenue service.
To be successful as a Chartered Accountant, you should possess a stable working track record, excellent oral and written communication skills, and be highly knowledgeable in the broad spectrum of accountancy accounting practices.
You should also be certified and accredited with the relevant association and governing body.

Key Responsibilities

Oversee the duties of the accounting team.
Implement accounting systems and processes.
Reconcile income statements.
Prepare monthly financial reports.
Control the master data of the general register.
Review and release online banking payments.
Ensure compliance with state revenue service.
Provide ongoing accounting and reporting support.
Manage the full financial process.
Prepare an expense budget report.
Investigating and rectifying any financial discrepancies
Conducting internal and external audits
Preparing budgets, annual reports and strategies
Advising clients on financial transactions, mergers and acquisitions
Helping clients with reciprocity agreements, training agreements or similar tax/payment-related queries
Analyzing the company’s financial systems and procedures
Processing online payments and bank statements


Candidates should possess a B.Sc. / HND in Accounting, Economics, Finance or related field
5+ years of experience as a Chartered Accountant (CA) or proven work experience Excellent organizational and time management skills
Attention to detail and problem-solving ability.
Impressive oral and written communication skills
Experience in the Manufacturing space is mandatory
Ability to manage stressful situations effectively.

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