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Cammy's full story leading into Street Fighter 6… and what might happen to her next

By John ‘Velociraptor’ Guerrero

17 die | Cammy's full story leading into Street Fighter 6... and what might happen to her next | The Paradise News

The Killer Bee has a long history in the Street Fighter franchise, and with Street Fighter 6 taking the story later on the timeline than ever, what might happen to the oldest version of Cammy yet?

In our new video we cover her backstory through all mainline Street Fighter titles and then speculate what may happen to her in Street Fighter 6.

We’re talking about fighting games here, which means tons of characters to bundle up into narratives.

That’s definitely doable, but not something that has exactly been prioritized over other creative decisions in other facets of such games over the years.

Capcom has made clear attempts to give many of their fighters notable roles and interesting arcs, but some wind up being minimally attended to, and others are clearly bodies to fill spaces.

Cammy seems to fit as a hybrid of the first two categories as she’s definitely had major contributions to the overall story while dealing with struggles of her own, but she doesn’t tend to get the most impactful threads.

Developers have set her up with a few recurring themes that help define her character, however, and that makes for great groundwork for speculating where she could go next in Street Fighter 6.

Two such themes are identity (she has to learn, multiple times, who she is and uncover her past as a manufactured Bison clone) as well as family. She has a few groups that could serve as stand ins for her non-existent traditional family, but the ones that she has the most emotional invested in are her Bison doll sisters.

As one of the most popular and beloved characters in the series, many fans are interested in what Cammy does as well as what happens to her. It would be a gutsy move, for sure, but what if Capcom decided to actually kill her in their story?

Many characters have died in the past, and the popular ones tend to find their ways back onto playable rosters (sometimes jarringly rapidly… M. Bison) so we propose all this with the idea that her death wouldn’t be permanent in mind.

Give the video below a watch and then let us know in the comments what you think of Cammy’s story thus far, our proposal for her potential path through SF6, and any other reactions or thoughts you may have.

Cammy SF6 banner art: Ryan Hill

Cammy Alpha banner art: SilverLu .

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