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Calas Vegas will be the most beautiful city on earth – Gov Ayade

The Governor of Cross River State, Senator Ben Ayade has assured that the new City of Calas Vegas, three kilomtres by three kilomtres in terms of landmass to be located at the Twin Island in Calabar will be the most beautiful, fantastic and digital city on the planet earth.

Speaking to Government House media/press crew shortly after a three hours tour and inspection of the island on Saturday where he was overwhelmingly received by the natives, Governor Ayade said that he was very sure that at completion, Calas Vegas will become the best holiday centre for all Nigerians and Africans because it would be far beautiful and safer.

He affirmed that he and his team made the right choice of location and geography of the new Calas Vegas city, a heritage of Mary Slessor here in Calabar, and that the design of the city is completed by a team from Italy which will be working with Nigerian architects and team from Cross River, while also a team from Israel and Mexico have indicated interest to invest in Calas Vegas city, maintaining that he can’t wait to get Calas Vegas started.


“I can’t wait to get Calas Vegas started…and it will be hitting the waves in no distant time. The design of Calas Vegas is completed by a team from Italy. This group will be working with Nigerian architects and Cross River team in particular. We are building a resort located in Twin Island, a heritage of Mary Slessor here in Calabar Cross River is offering a tourist destination for Africa in Calas Vegas, Calabar. What we have done today was a historical circulation around the perimeter fencing of Calas Vegas, and we have come to the conclusion that we made a right choice of location, of geography, of place and the locals were warmth and received us with ceremonial dance steps that will be forming part of the beauty of Calas Vegas city.

Indeed, the whole of Nigeria and indeed Africa, be prepared as we enter into next year to receive a brand new city which is the most fantastic, cleanest, most sophisticated, most digital, beautiful city on planet earth. You overlook the horizon and scape of the wonderful setting and rising of the sun, it allow you the beauty to see the whales when they comes out in early morning and see them in their family movement”. 

Ayade explained further that when completed the Calas Vegas city will provide visitors opportunity to relax on our beautiful huts, have picnic and birthday parties and anniversary celebrations, while providing visitors with cinemas for relaxation, adding that Calas Vegas can only be accessed by air or by water, thereby creating exclusivity of some sort.


The governor equally disclosed that the residential area will be given at no cost, but only to worthy individuals committed to invest as soon as land is allocate to them and that Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) will also be awarded as soon as the land is allocated to the would be prospective builders for their holiday homes.

We will start allocation of property very soon and those who know they have a deep pocket from decent means, please hurry and come to Calas Vegas. Calas Vegas is where you need to invest now. That is the hottest estate business and hottest place for you to be in Nigeria”. 

Governor Ayade who used the opportunity to invite Nigerians, Africans and the rest of the world to the 2016 Carnival Calabar which is ready to take Nigeria by storm, and that this year’s carnival will have a bit of action, water regatta entering and emptying to Calas Vegas, adding that all roads leads to Calas Vegas by 2017 Carnival Calabar.

Watch Video Of Governor Ayade’s visit to the Calas Vegas on Twin Island below…