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BUA, Vitafoam Lose Secretary, Director In One Month

Another tragedy has rocked two players in the consumer and industrial goods sector as BUA Cement Plc and Vitafoam have lost their Company Secretary and Executive Director respectively in a single month.

The development comes weeks after the Vice President of Dangote Group, Sani Dangote, died in a United States hospital in November.

Sani was the only brother of Aliko Dangote who is the richest man in the continent.

BUA Cement, one of the biggest players in the cement industry, revealed in a notice posted on the Nigerian Exchange Group that it lost its Secretary and Chief Legal Adviser, Ahmed Aliyu, Esq.

According to BUA, Aliyu passed on in December after a brief illness.

Vitafoam, Nigeria’s most popular mattress producer, also announced that it has lost its Executive Director, Mr Abbagana Muhammed Abatcha.

According to the company, Abatcha had 33 years experience and was the Group Technical and Development Director.

He was also the National Vice Chairman of the Foam Manufacturers’ Association of Nigeria from 2004 to 2008.


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