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Block Operations Manager at Alister Greene Consulting

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Direct and coordinate production and marketing activities of blocks according to the quality and quantity specifications within cost objectives.
Develop production and operational strategic plans and supervise the implementation to ensure maximum utilization of various units towards achieving the company’s strategy, growth and profit objectives.
Supervision and implementation of various production and marketing plans. This includes receiving of sales forecast and requisition or procurement of raw materials.
Manage the casual staff and ensure that the budgeted labor/waste cost for blocks is produced is achieved.
Supervise and confirm that quality, durable and acceptable blocks are produced at all times.
Coordinate the activities of the sales, procurement and logistics departments and ensure that the production goals are met.
Supervise the Site Managers and ensure prompt and accurate delivery of company’s products to customers.
Supervise the implementation of new production and marketing initiatives. This includes strategic resource allocation and application of good production principles, organization structure, leadership ,production systems and techniques for improved efficiencies
Provide regular constructive feedback to all members of the team regarding any successes achieved or areas for improvement required in weekly team briefings.
Create a good communication link with the Site Mangers about the availability and sales figures for blocks.
Organize, train and monitor total productive maintenance/Lean Production System activities on current and new equipment processes.
Monitor and support the Production team (full time and contract) during daily activities.
Conduct an annual appraisal and review progress of block and concrete staff.
Plan and organize quarterly training for all block and concrete staff in order to boost productivity.
Ensure cross training is continuously happening within block and concrete.
Ensure staff compliance with Health and safety legislation and company procedures at all times.
Provide strong leadership and ensure high morale as well as team work among block staffs.
Prepare and submit a daily report and a detailed monthly report of all block and concrete activities to the Group Managing Director


Candidates should possess a Bachelor's Degree in any relevant course with 3 – 5 years relevant work experience.

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