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Big balance update announced for DNF Duel but still no confirmation of DLC… yet

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By Dakota ‘DarkHorse’ Hills

25 balance announced dnf duel | Big balance update announced for DNF Duel but still no confirmation of DLC... yet | The Paradise News

Neople and Nexon kept things quiet on DNF Duel receiving post-launch content since the game first released in June, but that’s apparently changing.

During CEOtaku 2022, Arc System Works announced that a heavily requested balance patch will be coming to the Dungeon Fighter Online spin-off later this year as well as discuss some future plans for the game — though they still didn’t fully confirm DLC.

DNF Production Director Ryousuke Kodani shared a short video message to fans watching the tournament where he began by talking about the next update scheduled for this month focused on fixing bugs.

“I apologize for the trouble caused by bugs in the game,” said Kodani. “We have an update planned for the end of September to fix the bugs such as screen freezes during online matches and input issues in the Steam version. We’re currently looking into other bugs and have future updates planned.”

The following update won’t apparently come until December, which will rebalance the entire cast with the aim of only buffing characters, so that’ll be interesting to see how that turns out.

“We’re planning an update for late December,” said Kodani. “Tuning all the characters to make the game fun for everyone. Our direction is to add only buffs to all characters.”

Many fans were probably hoping now would finally be the time that DLC or a Season Pass would be revealed for DNF after months of silence, but that’s not exactly what we ended up getting.

“Finally, we’re currently working on something other than a balance patch,” said the production director. “Due to the circumstances, it’ll take quite some time before we have this ready. We’re working everyday with confidence that it’ll satisfy the players.”

Considering he confirmed they are working on more than just updates for the game, Kodani is likely teasing that new content will be coming at some point although it’s a bit odd that they don’t have at least a trailer or some art for it yet .

The only other prospect we think Kodani could be talking about here is cross-platform play coming to DNF like it’s about to for Guilty Gear Strive, but hopefully it’s both.

We recently discussed the issues facing DNF Duel with its rapidly dwindled playerbase along with the lack of communication from the developers / publisher, so at least they’re starting to open up about where the game will be headed next.

There is 1 more announcement planned for CEOtaku before or during Strive’s top 8 at the event, so stay tuned for whatever else ArcSys has up their sleeves.

Source: Event Hubs