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BGMI January 2022 1.8.0 update brings Spider-Man theme, new map, and more

Battleground Mobile India 1.8 update features

Spider-Man: No Way Home crossover

The BGMI x Spider-Man: No Way Home crossover brings a spiderman theme to the game’s current Erengle and Livik maps. The mode comes with three features: Challenge the boss, Spider-Man’s web shooter power, and the spiderweb-ball. 

Challenge the boss: In this mode, players have to find Mylta power and fight the boss alongside Spider-Man.

Spider-Man’s web shooter power: This feature allows players to shoot spider webs after getting the web shooter, which slows down the opponents when hit!

Spiderweb-ball: The feature grants players the power to slow down nearby players by shooting the spiderweb-ball on the ground, releasing many spiderwebs in the area. 

New Classic map mode

The new mode revolves around the advancement of science and technology where all the firearms are easier to control, as they are equipped with an AC Core Module. Additionally, players will be equipped with tactical glass showing the enemy’s damage by firearms. BGMI has also added an interactive zipline to make moving to the next Playzone to the current maps in this game mode. Lastly, the play zone area has been reduced. 

New supply shop

The new supply shop feature lets players purchase battle supplies in a match with the in-game currency they pick up on the map. The player can access the supply shop anywhere on the map. The feature is available on:

  • Erangel: Ranked Mode, Unranked, and Spider-Man mode
  • Livik: Ranked Mode, Unranked, and Spider-Man mode
  • AfterMath

New recall feature

The new recall feature allows players to bring a dead teammate back to life from the recall tower. The feature is limited to:

  • Erangel: Ranked Mode and Spider-Man mode
  • Livik: Ranked Mode and Spider-Man mode
  • AfterMath

Other major improvements and features

  • Players will be able to keep swimming in a knock state, but their speed will be slowed.
  • Players will automatically jump in the direction of a landmark on the map while using the auto jump option.
  • MK47 and M16A4 guns’ recoil has been reduced by 10 percent and they now have a tracer effect on bullets.
  • MG3 gun’s recoil has increased by 10 percent and the default shooting mode is now 660 RPM.
  • The penalty for malevolent acts such as team finish or offensive conversation on merit level is emphasised. Deducted merit levels can be recovered based on playtime time and contribution, and players that maintain a high merit level will get rewards. 
  • The receipt and outcome of reporting cheaters have been upgraded in order to provide more information to players.