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BGMI ban in India not permanent, will be back soon, says Skyesports CEO Shiva Nandy

By Kshiteej Naik

Skyesports Founder and CEO, Shiva Nandy, has issued a statement regarding the matter. As reported by Sportskeeda, Nandy took to Instagram to share his views and claim that BGMI isn’t banned yet and it is just an interim order from the government. Nandy said, “It was not an immediate action. It was in the process for almost five months. In fact, one week before removing the game from the Play Store, an interim notice was sent to Krafton HQ by the government. Two days before the game was removed from the store, we got a hint, and that is why stopped most of the advance amount to be paid for the Skyesports League, LAN Delhi.”

Nandy also said that BGMI could be back soon as previously banned TikTok is set to make a comeback in India, according to his sources. He said, “According to sources, Tik Tok is all set to make a comeback. In that case, BGMI will be back 100%. Hopefully, if everything goes well, there will be independence soon! Again, it is not a ban. Interim order.”

It should be noted that neither Krafton nor the government has confirmed any of these statements. It is unclear whether or not BGMI will return to India, and even if it does, it could take a really long time. Krafton has apparently presented its case in front of the government to bring back BGMI as soon as possible.

Source: 91 Mobiles.