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BCS excites Ayade, pledges to bolster its tourism potentials

By Eyo Charles

Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State has expressed excitement over the massive influx of national and foreign nationals to the international headquarters of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (BCS) in Calabar for religious and spiritual festivals.

He has also expressed happiness that whereas other religious organizations in the country have their international headquarters in Rome, England or in other foreign countries and adherents likewise repatriate resources to those countries in allegiance, Calabar also houses the world headquarters of BCS.

“I am most happy that the international headquarters of Brotherhood is in Calabar, the capital of the state where I am governor. It is indigenous. I am happy because the world now comes to Calabar for worship.”

The governor made the remark when he hosted a delegation of the spiritual organisation in his council chambers in Calabar when they called on him to brief him about centenary celebration of its founder and other developments.

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He said it was an honour for the reverred and famous spiritual Leader to remember him, and that he was more honoured that high ranking Bishops made up the delegation.

He said he will do all in his power to harness the potentials of BCS, which he said has been able to pull global dignitaries and steady populations of both White and Black worshippers, researchers and tourists to Calabar and Biakpan, the historical birth place of the legendary founder.

“It is a thing of honour and pride for us to have one of our own found such a renowned and very powerful organisation. We have a duty to support it. Rome, Mecca and other religious capitals are developed with proceeds from pilgrims. We need to galvanise the tourism potentials of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star for the greater benefits of the state. BCS is a big tourism and revenue spinner.”

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At that meeting, the governor had said even as a student at the University of Ibadan he began to hear about the potency and curative powers of the famous Biakpan Stream, and how even foreigners flocked into it regularly. He had said that he would find time to visit it soon, and see how to turn it round for greater benefit.

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