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Battlefield 2042 tips for people who know how to play shooters

Battlefield 2042 is a game that is sure to test you to the limits. Regardless of how much experience one might possess in online FPS gaming, they would surely struggle with Battlefield 2042, especially after the new update by the developers. But it really needs not to be that way. You can easily search for Battlefield 2042 hacks and tips that will assist you in becoming a professional Battlefield 2042 player. We also have created a list of Battlefield 2042 tips for players, but with one major difference. These tips are not for gamers without experience in the online FPS category. These are more advanced tips for players who have prior experience in dealing with shooting games.

Faster heal with Falck’s dart

You might have already noticed the different controls for healing yourself and your teammates in the game. When it comes to healing teammates, you will opt for a Falck’s dart with an area-wide effect. But what you might not be is that you still benefit from the Falk’s dart effect if you fire the pistol at a nearby wall. It can be beneficial in case you are low on health and running from an enemy player, as you can do both running for cover and healing yourself using this method simultaneously.

You should start with attachments that are closer to the center.

It is a bit of pro advice that you should take to your Battlefield 2042 gameplay. Even veterans of the players struggle with the fast-paced nature of the game. But a huge mistake they often make is not focusing on the attachment screen. It is simply the biggest and the earliest error you can make in this game.

Yes, the menu is a mess. But there are many simple tips that can make it significantly easier. Like, prioritize getting a couple of items first, like the red dot sight in the middle, which will save you much time on the battlefield.

Do not trust the descriptions 100 percent.

If you believe the attachment description you see in the game, then that is the biggest mistake you can make. The only way anyone can be a hundred percent sure about any attachment is by simply trying them out. Luckily for you, there is a single-player bot mode in the game where you can test your attachments against an AI. Now, AI opponents may not be as good as human players, but they do the job.

So, try it out at least once before deciding on an attachment for your next match.

Create new loadouts with unique names

Battlefield 2042 allows players to create loadouts with their preferred gears, weapons, and attachment and then name them as they see fit. This can be helpful for folks having more than one playing style. Think about it this way; you can create a sniper loadout, a close-combat loadout, a support loadout, and many more, and choose them as the situation demands it.

Yes, there is a limit to the number of loadouts you can create, but having many options is already good enough. You can also delete and rename the loadouts as you see fit.

Farm for XP

For casual players of the game, farming XP might not be very important. But if you are curious about your gameplay, then you must make a strategy for how you will get that crucial XP ASAP. Luckily for you, a simple way you can farm your XP in the game is by playing against the bots.

Yes, it might not be as thrilling as going against other human players, but it is a decent way for one to farm XP in the game and in a stress-free environment. It will also help you get grips with new weapons and/or attachments. What more could a player ask for?

Take out Boris immediately.

If you see an opponent playing with Boris, then make taking them out your number one priority. The reason for this is quite simple. When a character dies, their objects in the game disappear with them. Now think logically; Boris is renowned for Boris’ turret. So, if you take him out, they will also disappear from the map. It could quickly turn the tide of the game in your favor. So, at the risk of repeating ourselves, take Boris out ASAP.

If you know how to play shooter, make sure to follow the above-mentioned Battlefield 2042 tips. You will surely find them extremely useful.