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Barney O’ Rourke’s returns to Paradise

By Jennie Blevins

PARADISE — Paradise institution Barney O’Rourke’s has been resurrected after being destroyed by the Camp Fire.

The restaurant, known for its hamburgers, reopened November 10 with a soft opening. On Wednesday, the restaurant was packed to the gills.

The owner, Patty Vandibber, has owned Barney O’Rourke’s for 40 years. After the Camp Fire, it took Vandibber four years to rebuild.

“We always make what everyone wants,” Vandibber said. “Around the first of the year we will add another recipe.”

Vandibber did not make any changes to the restaurant after reopening, so it looks like its original self.

Vandibber was devastated after the fire, having lost her home, friends, horses, cars and her restaurant. The fact that Barney O’ Rourke’s has returned is a major accomplishment and makes Vandibber very proud.

The restaurant has a big bar in the middle and patrons really like the beer served there.

Vandibber has many employees, about 10 to 12. Two of her employees were working hard making hamburgers Wednesday as Vandibber chopped lettuce.

Jeff Murphy got ready to eat his burger and fries Wednesday afternoon. Murphy is from Berry Creek originally but now lives in Paradise. Wednesday was his first time visiting the restaurant, although he knows the owners through friends.

“It’s an amazing place with a great atmosphere,” Murphy said. “Everyone should come try it out.”

Kaylin Patterson enjoyed a drink Wednesday with a friend. Patterson grew up in Paradise and frequented the former Barney O’ Rourke’s.

“I had a hamburger and it tasted like home,” Patterson said. “I’m glad to have Barney’s back on the ridge. It’s exciting.”

Barney O’ Rourke’s is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day. It is located at 740 Elliott Road. The phone number is 530-877-9973.




Source: Paradise Post