Bard AI will destroy ChatGPT – Coming to Google Search soon

Bard AI will destroy ChatGPT – Coming to Google Search soon

The search giant has been calmly enjoying its predominant presence in the market, and then ChatGPT emerged. OpenAI’s AI-powered chatbot proved that there is a new level beyond what search websites are offering. That raised a series of alarms in Google’s offices. After all, ChatGPT proved to be useful and practical for users and conquered a myriad of fans across the world. While Google’s Search returns any inquiry with a list of websites, the AI chatbot can easily answer your inquiries. Google reacted fast and is unveiling Google Bard, its response to ChatGPT.

The announcement comes right after Microsoft’s announcement of the new Bing and Edge powered by ChatGPT. The Redmond giant invested about $10 billion in OpenAI, and of course, that gives certain benefits in the use of ChatGPT. Now, the company’s search platform and browser will be powered by ChatGPT. Edge and Bing are way behind Google’s offerings, but with the arrival of ChatGPT things can change fast. That’s why Google is reacting with the launch of Google Bard.

Today, Google CEO Sundar Pichai introduced Bard. It’s an experimental conversational AI service. The system will be integrated into a core Google product, and search, and will be available to “trusted testers” before going available. Worth noting, that rumors have been pointing to Google presenting its AI response. Also, the rumors stated that Google was not ready to launch it right now. The announcement states that Google Bard will be available to the public at large “in the coming weeks”.

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How Google Bard will work

As per the statement, Bard will be quite similar to ChatGPT. Instead of typing keywords to find a website in the search for a question, the chatbot will give you the answer. His database will be loaded with a lot of info and the AI will do the rest. It will push info from the web, using multiple sources to deliver useful information.

Google Bard can allow you to discover what is the better musical instrument you can start learning. It can determine which is easier, and how much time practice you will need. Bard will summarize the answers to deliver easy-to-read paragraphs.

For now, Bard does not seem to be the most trustable source. According to the report, the info shown in the video demo is wrong. The JWST did not in fact take the very first picture of a planet outside of our solar system. A Quick Google search reveals an article from 2008 that states the Hubble telescope was the one to capture the first photo of an exoplanet.

Bard uses Google’s LaMDA (Language Mode for Dialog Applications). It requires less computational power to provide answers – something that will be important when Google tries to scale Bard to the point where it can answer questions from millions of users.

Google is collecting info to make Google Bard more accurate and trustable. We expect an evolution in the coming months. Worth noting, that not even ChatGPT is able to deliver the right response involving the JWST. The fact is that ChatGPT uses info from 2020 and before. Google believes that the use of fresh info will be one of the main advantages of using Bard.

The struggle between Google, Microsoft, ChatGPT, and Bard will soon become intense. Some say that ChatGPT will destroy Google, but now it seems that Google is determined to destroy ChatGPT.



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