‘Babe’ Jimmy Garoppolo gets lifetime offer from Las Vegas brothel workers

‘Babe’ Jimmy Garoppolo gets lifetime offer from Las Vegas brothel workers

Jimmy Garoppolo’s famous celebration cry, “feels great, baby!” could take on new meaning in light of the unique offer he has received from two Las Vegas fans who are especially excited that he’ll be playing quarterback for the Raiders.

The fans are Caitlin Bell and Alice Little, employees at the famous Chicken Ranch brothel, and they have announced that they want to provide the former San Francisco 49ers heartthrob with free sex for life, TMZ is reporting.

“I almost fainted when I heard Jimmy signed with the Raiders,” Bell said in a statement, TMZ reported. “He deserves free sex just for joining our team. But he gets free sex for life from us just because he’s such a legit babe!”

The women also are stoked by the idea that Garoppolo, 31, could take the Raiders to the Super Bowl, as he did for the 49ers in 2020. The Super Bowl in 2024 is to be played at Nevada’s Allegiant Stadium. Little said to TMZ, “The next Big Game is in Vegas, so I’m going to go all the way to inspire Jimmy to go all the way!”

The women’s offer follows news last week that Garoppolo had signed a three-year, $67.5 million contract with the Raiders, and it doesn’t necessarily come out of left field. The quarterback made headlines in the summer of 2018 when it was learned that he had gone on a date with an adult film actress.

In fact, that actress, Kiara Mia, happily opened up to some TMZ reporters about her dinner with Garoppolo at a swanky Beverly Hills restaurant. She probably helped enhanced Garoppolo’s heartthrob appeal when she raved about what a gentleman he was. “To be continued, dot, dot, dot,” she said precociously when asked for more details.

When Garoppolo arrived at the 49ers training camp in 2018, he was asked about the encounter. He responded bashfully about how his personal life, which he presumably likes to keep private, is now under a microscope.

“Life is different now. My life, off the field — I’ve never really been big on being very public with things even on social media,” he said. “Just have to take it in stride. It is what it is.”


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