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Arsenal v Crystal Palace verdict – Flat and dull

Well lovely Arsenal people, the lesson for me tonight is love hurts. On a night where my girlfriend told me we’re finally finished after four long months of things just not working out, I cannot skip the comparison with Arsenal.

We just lack a direction. We stroll along with no purpose. Sure sometimes we have our good moments like that Spurs win, but overall we’ve tried and tried, and losing to a Palace side without Zaha after taking the lead is just another brick in the wall, which is impossible to collapse.

There is no good time to split up with someone, but Arsenal desperately need something new. After minute 15 my feeling was we’re never winning this game. They kept displacing the ball off us in dangerous positions, played the ball fast, looked sharp.

We were flat and dull. And at half time Paddy V did what a good manager does, he earned his money by lifting his side. They were on the ascendancy and he capitalised on that.

What did Arteta do? Nothing. Laca and Martinelli looked lively, but why are they coming on so late?

I’m sorry people, I really have no expectations for the seasons and I’m hardly deluding myself that a manager like Conte will come, especially with the Man Utd job on the ropes.

I just feel that change right now is desperately necessary to inject some life into a squad that is honestly dead.

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