Arsenal got lucky when you look at Mudryk’s display against Fulham last night..

Arsenal got lucky when you look at Mudryk’s display against Fulham last night..

Arsenal fans who watched Chelsea vs. Fulham last night must have concluded that not paying a high price for Mudryk’s services was the right decision.

Although Mudryk gave Liverpool a run for their money for 35 minutes when Chelsea played last week, Liverpool haven’t been at their best. Many expected him to continue where he left off in his full debut Friday night against Fulham, but Fulham completely shut him down.

If Arsenal had been playing Fulham and Mudryk was an Arsenal player, he would have been the wrong player to look at for something spectacular. The Ukrainian Sensation received a 3 out of 10 from Ryan Walker of the Daily Mail for his poor 45 minutes on the field before being replaced at halftime.

“Chelsea supporters expect a lot from the Ukrainian winger, and rightfully so after his £88 million January arrival. Against Fulham, however, the pace merchant struggled to demonstrate just why the club paid so much for his services and was hooked off at halftime by Graham Potter,” Walker wrote on the Daily Mail.“It hasn’t yet been revealed whether his untimely departure was injury or performance related, but judging by his first-half outing, the latter is more likely.

“Mudryk caused Liverpool’s defence all sorts of problems last time out, against Fulham he was suffocated of space and was easily managed out of the game. A real welcome to Premier League football if ever there was one.”

Anyway, it’s too early to say that not signing Mudryk was the best decision, but for this weekend, it appears that it was.

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