Are Arsenal being clever playing the most patient building game? (Opinion)

Are Arsenal being clever playing the most patient building game? (Opinion)

Arsenal appear content with playing the longest waiting game as they continually to build their team for the future, and I’m beginning to buy into it.

We’ve all heard the ‘trust the process‘ motto, and many comments about how we are building up to something, and while the likes of Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola are getting such levels out of their playing squads, it would take something out of this world to be able to match them.

Chelsea earned the tag of Champions League winners last season, becoming World Club Cup champions and European Super Cup winners since, and while they flirted with the top of the table earlier in the campaign, even they could only come within 19 points of top this term.

We simply cannot compete with the finances of City, and have to be more stringent with how and when we do splurge out in the transfer market, and thankfully our recent signings have all proved to be shrewd, while our outgoings have arguably been even better.

Timing is important in most things in life, and right now we probably have the most competitive division in world football, highlighted by the fact that we have three of the last four and six of the last eight finalists of the Champions League.

Klopp and Pep definitely have a stronghold on the top places at present, and their sides are unlikely to roll over lightly, but naturally time will take it’s course, and the motivations will get skewed or their luck will simply run out.

Of those building themselves up to be ready to take over from the pair, I pray that we are there, ready and waiting when that time comes, while I also imagine that Chelsea could also be there given the amount of talent that has been coming out of their academy in recent seasons. Their project could well take time to gel after a change in ownership and overhaul of those higher ups are likely to have an adverse affect on their immediate future, while the rest of the sides have massive question marks on their long-term planning.

On the whole, I see that our owners and backroom staff all appear to be on the same page, working together as a strong unit and appearing to be both cautious and patient in their project, and I can see how that could well prove to be the best way to come close to success at present, as going gung-ho in the transfer market every summer clearly has it’s downfalls (word to Man United).

Do you think Arsenal FC are happy to continue to build their team around young players over the coming years and waiting for Liverpool and City to loosen their grip on the top spots? Or will our target really be to earn a regular top-four spot? Do you agree that playing the long game could be the cleverest approach?


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Job: Treasury and AP Analyst at Cummins Inc.

Job: Treasury and AP Analyst at Cummins Inc.

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