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Arase, PSC Chief, Seeks To Change Public Perception Of Police

The arrival of Solomon Arase at the Police Service Commission (PSC) is set to herald sweeping changes in the relationship between the institution and the Nigerian public.

Arase gave this indication on Thursday when he met with a police affairs correspondent in Abuja to discuss his ideas and seek their support towards the actualisation of his vision for the PSC.

Arase is apparently bothered by the public image of the police force and the PSC — Two institutions that should collaborate but have walked at cross purposes instead.

Both parties have had their share of disagreements in the last three years, specifically on whose constitutionally mandate it was to coordinate the recruitment of Nigerians into the constable cadre, including issues bordering on the promotion of officers.

This is set to change with the resumption of Arase, as the PSC chairman reiterated on Thursday his plans to collaborate with the leadership of the Nigeria Police Force to ensure mutual respect in discharging their constitutional mandates.

Stating that he cannot perform effectively under a toxic atmosphere, Arase said, “There has been some disquiet in their (PSC and NPF) relationship when it comes to who has the responsibility to do what or not, but there is going to be a paradigm shift,” he said.

The Police chief also sought to change the existing perception of the police which he described as “negative”, calling on the media to collaborate with the commission to clear such a narrative.

He vowed to operate an open administration where the press has the liberty to proffer ideas for the overall benefit of the commission compared to the lukewarm relationship between the PSC and the media in the past.

THE WHISTLER gathered that since the inauguration of Arase, he has met with the Commissioners, Heads of Departments and Directors of the PSC including members of the Joint Staff Union to get briefings on how to move the commission forward.

The retired Inspector-General of Police was sworn in on Wednesday by President Muhammadu Buhari two months after his appointment for the position.


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