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Apple Watch Ultra – do not dismantle this $729 smartwatch

By Efe Udin

If you must buy a smartwatch for $729, then it should be worth it. At this price, you can easily get a decent flagship smartphone, the iPhone 14 starts at $799. However, a recent disassembly of the Apple Watch Ultra reveals that this device may be very difficult to fix. Apple Watch Ultra, the strongest smartwatch in Apple’s history, was released a few days ago. This device is no doubt a professional-grade outdoor watch. In order to explore what is different about the Apple Watch Ultra, 9to5mac dismantled one as soon as they got it. The advice they gave was – don’t open the watch.

First of all, on the casing, the Apple Watch Ultra is very different from the regular version. The Ultra model has four extra screws to fix it. In order to ensure the waterproof seal of the 100-meter depth, there are waterproof rubber rings at the bottom of the screws. After the four rubber rings are unscrewed, it is almost impossible to reposition them perfectly. This will seriously affect the waterproofness after disassembly.

Apple Watch Ultra is tightly fixed

After opening the ceramic backplane, the entire backplane and the main body still have strict waterproof measures, including rubber rings and sealants. The internal workmanship is also very regular, as always clean and tidy. Apple has always been the industry benchmark for the arrangement of internal components. But after opening, the buckle device used to fix the strap is damaged. The small spring inside pops out directly, and it is difficult to reset again. This is to say, the strap can no longer fit in properly. Without a strap, you can’t wear a watch right?


Just dismantling it here has proved that it is difficult for the Watch Ultra to be repaired by third parties. In fact, Apple itself may not be able to restore it perfectly after fixing it. Thus, if you love to take your devices apart out of curiosity, you may want to avoid the Apple Watch Ultra.

Source: GizChina.