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Apple Sued For Collecting User Data Even Disabling iPhone Analytics

By Argam Artashyan

All major tech firms like Google, Meta, and Apple always connect user data to improve their businesses. But this also means that the collected user information might appear in the hands of bad actors. That’s why it’s inadmissible that any firm could collect them. All those ignore what various regulations request and continue doing their dirty work. Some iPhone users sued the Cupertino brand a few days ago, accusing it of collecting their data even after turning off the feature in the Privacy Settings.

Gizchina News of the week

Gizmodo reported that even if users disable the iPhone Analytics feature, Apple still gets a lot of information about them.

Why Does Apple Collect User Data Despite Everything?

The information comes our way from Tommy Mysk and Talal Haj Bakry. They work for a software firm called Mysk. They found that some Apple services, such as the App Store, Apple Music, Apple TV, Books, and Stocks, collect user data. As said above, this happens even if the feature is disabled. It turns out this happens with all Apple apps. This seems to be the case with Apple’s native iPhone apps.

You might think this is ordinary and there is no reason to worry about it. But from the video, we can learn how Apple collects those user data and what it collects. For instance, the mentioned apps collect data about the keys you tapped on, the apps you looked at, the ads you viewed, and even how long you looked at an App Store listing. All the mentioned actions violate the California Invasion of Privacy Act.

Apart from the data we mentioned above, Apple also gets others. They include ID numbers, the phone model, the display resolution, the internet connection, and the keyboard language. The Apple Stock app, in its turn, knows which stocks you track, how long you spend on them, and what news you read about Apple.

Source: GizChina.