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APC Divided, Blackmailing Buhari Over 2023 Presidential Election – PDP

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By Isuma Mark

The Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Council, PDPPCC, has hit back at the ruling All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Council APCPCC over comments berating the party.

A statement on Friday by the presidential campaign spokesman of the PDP, Daniel Bwala, mocked the APC and advised the party to prescribe medication for the ailments affecting it and not the PDP.

The PDP expressed “utter shock” at the APC  statement, saying a party that had failed on all fronts  was “discussing PDP affair like a meddlesome interloper.”

The PDP wondered why APC would be “prescribing medication for the very ailment killing” it. 

“Imagine a party with no balls to conduct free and fair elections, congress or convention. A party with factional executives in over 20 states, a party that less than a week to campaign kick-off has not had any NWC meetings to pass any resolution or NEC meeting to ratify resolutions, owing to a deeply seated and existential crisis rocking its very foundation, having the temerity to speak about PDP that has done all those and poised to commence campaigning, “ Bwala said.

The party asked how the APC could talk about progress and transparency when “it is administered like a monarchy of Emilokans and their subjects teaching about unity or prosperity.

“Because of their abysmal performance and total failure in all their promises to the Nigerian people in security, economy and anti-corruption.”

The Campaign Council said the APC is not in a position to proffer solutions when it comes to the management of party crises.

The PDP Council pointed out, “A party that sensing utter defeat at the polls, resorts to making efforts to compromise INEC, blackmail members of the opposition, threatening the lives of spokespersons of the opposition parties and identifying judges to corrupt ahead of the polls,” should not discuss PDP affairs.

It further described the APC as being a divided party and should worry for itself instead of looking to a party making progress.

The party said, “APC is so divided that they are presently blackmailing the president as supporting the opposition because he vowed to deliver a credible and fair process.

“Where lies the popularity and hopes of the party and its flag bearer when he is allegedly plotting to remove their chairman, undermining all those who stood against him at their primaries?

“If there is any party that would talk about PDP and Atiku, certainly it is not a spent party like APC whose mention provokes and offends the sensibilities of Nigerians. A party that seeks to use identity politics of division to retain power cannot be heard to talk when people are talking.

“Atiku Abubakar is poised to win elections for our party. He is determined to undertake the onerous task of uniting and rebuilding Nigeria; he is not deterred by any melodramatic activities.”

It further assured that the party is solidly behind its presidential candidate, recognising that by the electronic transmission of results, the voting power is now fully with the people.

“Nigerians quite frankly know the things they deeply care about and can’t wait to vote along those lines.

“The Nigeria that was handed to APC in 2015 is certainly not the Nigeria we see today, certainly not better.

“We knew how much the price of petrol, diesel, and food in the market was and what they are now.

“Nigerians knew the value of naira per dollar, the price of airfares and the state of our economy.

“Looking at the inflation rate and the speed with which it changes is the reason we have a capital flight.

“Foreign investors are fleeing the country with the speed of light whilst local investors are disillusioned by the incoherent and inconsistent economic policies of the APC-led government.

“Students are out of school, bandits ravaging our land with APC calling them comedians. Please APC Park well let human beings talk,” the statement said.

Source: The Whistler.