APC Chieftains Attacks Gov Ben Ayade Over Manhunt For Paul Ifere In Cross River State

APC Chieftains Attacks Gov Ben Ayade Over Manhunt For Paul Ifere In Cross River State

Our attention has been drawn to a recent announcement by the People’s Democratic Party led government of Senator Benedict Ayade which purported to have declared wanted Mr.Paul Ifere on a fanthom criminal accusation of kidnapping and armed robbery. Incidentally,while we do not sanction the existence of and spread of criminal tendencies in our dear state as a law abiding party,we are equally averse to exploring inordinate and inappropriate methods of dealing with crime and criminality including haunting perceived enemies of the government in the guise of fighting crime.

That Sen.Ayade would today commence the actual checkmating of such nefarious tendencies that assumed a crescendo in parts of the state in recent times owes immense appreciation to the All Progressives Congress (APC) of which Mr.Ifere is a registered and active member.Pointedly,as a major opposition party poised to offer alternative platform for the actualisation of responsive and responsible governance to the masses, we would not treat with kid gloves attempts to muzzle democracy through intolerance to alternative views as Ayade has displayed in the case of Ifere.It is on this premise that we state that this politically-motivated onslaught and declaration against Ifere is inordinate,inappropriate and only meant to sustain Ayade’s garbage mentality and not the real essence of addressing the current security situation in the state.

As a blogger and a responsible gentleman Ifere has consistently contributed alternative ideas on moving our dear state from its present doldrum. His avowed commitment to good governance using his blog and Facebook page to reach out to the public on governance issues has enabled the public informed evaluation and judgements about the merits and faults of government. Perhaps it’s the fact that Ayade’s scorecard (in public reckoning )has failed the popularity test with much of this enlightenment especially on the governor’s poor showing on security coming from Mr.Ifere that has informed the onslaught against him by Ayade.

We see a garbage mentality in this;a mentality that aprobates and reprobates.This mentality will see Ayade in one breath appreciating Ifere’s criticism as he puts it,being a tonic  to restore, cure or invigorate the sensitivity of his government to the plight of Cross Riverians and in another breath casting aspersion on him. It is therefore absurd and unacceptable that this mentality albeit the placing of Ifere on government’s wanted list would be pronounced by Ayade’s Justice Commissioner, Mr.Sunny Abang.

Beyond Ifere,we see the manifestation of our prediction and claim that the surging insecurity was a dress rehearsal perpetrated to target members of the APC in the state with the aim of crippling the party’s fast developing profile.After the failed attempt to use hired assassins to lay off R.t Hon Paul Adah and Barr.Venatius Ikem,the renewed option was to act the kidnapper and the armed robber. Senator Patrick Ani abduction was just a smokescreen with the other party chieftains as target.

This manhunt for Mr.Ifere is not strange to us in the light of our claim.However,as the law would say the onus of proof over a crime lies on the complainant,our candid advise is that the Attorney General,who is the chief law officer of the state and who made the declaration on behalf of his boss Ayade, should expeditiously substantiate the allegations against Ifere.We can swear with our lives that this again will record another failure for Ayade.

Our prayers are that as partners in the process of deepening our democracy security operatives rather than kill the goose that lays the golden egg,(in this case Ifere and APC members)should offer maximum protection from Ayade’s onslaught.We must together stop this executive rascality from taking toll on our collective destinies as a people.                                                  

NTUFAM HILLIARD ETA                       National Vice Chairman(SS)                    
All Progressives Congress (APC)

Published By
Joseph Odok

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