Anyplace Can Become an Art Studio Instantly With This Portable, Pop-Up Desk Easel

Anyplace Can Become an Art Studio Instantly With This Portable, Pop-Up Desk Easel

In this high-tech age, I find drawing and painting a great way to unplug and relax. Having the right tools is essential—including a workspace. Full-size easels are great, but if you need one that’s easily stored, portable, or just right for small works—a tabletop model is best. On a whim, I purchased this inexpensive Adjustable Desk Easel, and now it gets the most use of any I own.

Using an easel minimizes neck strain while holding work at the correct perspective. This humble, little box easel can be set up anywhere with a flat surface—a picnic table, drawing class…or a bar, if you’re feeling French. It’s equipped with a storage drawer too, which allows me to keep my favorite pencils, pens, pigment pans, or short-handled brushes at hand. It only weighs 2.5 pounds, which is nothing compared to humongous French easels. The drawer has a gold latch to secure contents while carrying, and there’s a soft vinyl handle that makes it a cinch to tote anywhere, like a briefcase.

Art Alternatives Marquis Artists Adjustable Desk Box Easel

There’s a reason this portable easel has a near-perfect five-star rating backed by thousands of glowing reviews.

It comes with a small wooden palette for painters, which can be varnished or oiled for longevity (which I, of course, skipped and so ruined it forever). It supports a canvas or pad 11X14 inches or smaller, so bring the right size, like my beloved Legion cotton paper pads. No matter your skill level, bring this easel anywhere and everywhere to channel inspiration as it strikes!

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Source: Culled From The Daily Beast.

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