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Another tourist vandalized Colosseum

  • History

In Rome, in 2017, there was a case of vandalism on a historic Roman monument – the Colosseum. This time the culprit was a tourist from Ecuador who decided to engrave the names of his wife and child on the wall of the amphitheatre.

An Ecuadorian citizen was caught red-handed by the tour guide, who immediately reported the matter to the property authorities. This type of vandalism can cost a lot – up to 20,000 euros.

In February this year, a French tourist was arrested for carving his name into the historic stone of the Colosseum with a discovered antique coin. Another time, two Brazilians broke into the building at night; in the course of this stunt, one of the burglars fell and broke his hip.

The authorities appeal for respect for the monument and the Romans themselves, for whom the Colosseum is the city’s showcase. What’s more, the idea of ​​​​creating a buffer zone around the monument was born in the heads of the rulers of Rome to exclude breaking into the building.