Andy Ruiz Jr. thought of retiring before beating Anthony Joshua, what would he do for a living?

Andy Ruiz Jr. thought of retiring before beating Anthony Joshua, what would he do for a living?

Andy Ruiz Jr.’s life took a 180-degree turn after beating Anthony Joshua in December 2019, his unexpected triumph opened the doors of international boxing and made the millions of dollars start falling into his bank account.

Just before his historic feat above the ring, “Destroyer” was beginning to doubt whether he should continue in boxing, as the money wasn’t coming in and he had a family to support.

“He wasn’t earning well, he was cornered, forgotten. You go to the gym every day and you don’t fight, but you have your family, your children…”, said trainer Manny Robles in an interview with Un Round Ms.

What would Andy do if he left boxing?

Robles recalled that Ruiz’s situation was so bad that he thought about returning to his hometown and dedicate himself to the same thing as his father.

“He was going through a very difficult time because there was no money, no money and he said ‘I don’t have enough to pay my rent or my needs’. He was about to return home, because he lived in Los Angeles and is from a city called El Centro, a city on the border with Mexicali. He was contemplating the idea of going back to work, to get into construction with his dad, because ‘what do I do,'” he said.

He convinced him to stay in boxing

Despite the adverse situation, Robles, who had known Andy since he was an amateur, encouraged him to believe he could get a world championship and helped him stay in California to stay in boxing, getting him a place to live for a few days.

He also helped him prepare and together they worked to beat Britain’s Anthony Joshua.

Robles dreamed of winning against Joshua

“I had a dream that you were crowned world champion, and you know who you’re going to beat, Anthony Joshua. I told him ‘don’t retire, hang in there, we are going to give you a hand’,” added Robles, who was a vital part of the victory that put Destroyer in the spotlight.

Source: Marca

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