Andy Hoang is selling game-equipped rowing machines for insane home workouts

Andy Hoang is selling game-equipped rowing machines for insane home workouts

Who: Andy Hoang, founder and CEO, Aviron Interactivewhich sells game-equipped rowing machines
Company HQ: Scarborough
Founded: 2018
Employees: 36

How it works: “It’s a rowing machine equipped with a 22-inch Wi-Fi-connected touchscreen, which lets you play games, race against other users and rank on the global leader board. The machine costs $ 2,199 and it’s $ 29 a month for a membership. I’ve got one in my office that I use every day. ”

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Impact Series Rower, $ 2,199 (via

Eureka moment: “I’ve always been passionate about fitness and gaming. I bought a Peloton back in 2016, but I found it too boring. I wanted to create a fitness product that allows users to play games, which are fun and encourage you to push yourself, instead of doing instructor-led classes. ”

How much You spent initially: “$ 300,000, including my own money, a loan from my parents and a home equity line of credit. It mostly went towards hardware and software development. ”

Your turning point: “We initially launched into the commercial space, selling our rowers to hotels and condos. When Covid hit, our monthly revenue dropped to $ 5,000, so we pivoted to the home market, using e-commerce. With gyms closed, a lot of people were exercising at home. That’s when things took off for us. By the end of 2020, we were making $ 300,000 a month. ”

Your big-time backers: “We’ve raised $ 4.5 million (US) from a bunch of investors, including Samsung Next, Formic Ventures, GFC and Y Combinator.”

Past life: “I got an MBA from Schulich, then worked at my father’s company, i3 International, which manufactures CCTV equipment.”

The best advice you’ve received: “‘Pounce on every opportunity.’ Being a successful entrepreneur requires a lot of luck. But the more opportunities you pursue, whether it’s working overtime or taking extra meetings, the luckier you’ll get. ”

Tech jargon You use too much: “‘Customer acquisition cost.’ It’s how much you need to spend on marketing to land a customer. ”

Favorite item in your office: An ergonomic Herman Miller desk chair. I bought it used on Kijiji for $ 500. It’s really comfortable. ”

App you can not live without: “Save your. It’s my source for news and entertainment, particularly F1 and combat sports. ”

If you were not running a start-up: “I’d be traveling more. In my 20s, I backpacked across Europe. It would be fun to do something like that again. ”

Your tech role model: “James Dyson. He started Dyson with nothing and built a $ 28-billion empire, designing a lot of the products himself. ”


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