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Ancelotti: "Bale, Hazard and Jovic punished? Ceballos, Vallejo didn't play either…"

Carlo Ancelotti was saddened by Real Madrid‘s elimination at San Mams and denied that there were players punished.

Strikers not playing: “Kroos went off due to fatigue, like Vinicius. I was thinking about changes for extra time and there was no time. Punished players? I have nothing to say. There are no penalized players. Ceballos, Vallejo… didn’t play either. They are at the same level as the others who didn’t play. We have to be fair”.

Aftermath: “We are hurt, because we want to win everything. I don’t think it will have consequences, I just hope it will make us stronger”.

The plan: “We don’t have players with Karim’s quality. We haven’t changed the plan. We tried to come from behind, but we couldn’t. Athletic’s pressure was great. Athletic’s pressure was great until the 70th minute. I think we had the advantage in extra time, but they scored in the last minute. We played too much on the outside. We should have used Alaba and Casemiro more. It didn’t go the way we wanted it to”.

Vinicius: “They pressed him a lot, it’s nothing new”.

Worst game: “It’s not the worst game of the season. It was evenly matched until the end. I was surprised by how the match went”.


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