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Air Force Academy Pushes Critical Race Theory

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Judicial Watch: Records Show Air Force Academy Focus on Anti-American Critical Race Theory Training of Cadets – Academy Head Ties Cadets to Racism and Social Injustice

Judicial Watch announced recently it received 167 pages of records from the U.S. Department of Defense which show the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA) has made race and gender instruction a top priority in the training of cadets.

College Gets Millions from U.S. to Develop Tool for Journalists to Combat Misinformation

The public university that recently got more than half a million dollars from the U.S. government to combat science misinformation in black communities is also receiving a chunk of change from American taxpayers to develop a “precision tool providing journalists with guidance against misinformation.”

Judicial Watch Victory: Court Rejects Argument of Terrorist-Tied Qatar and Orders Release of Documents About Its Funding of Texas A&M

Zachor Legal Institute is a U.S.-based advocacy group dedicated to combatting the spread of anti-Semitism. Zachor made requests under the TPIA for information about the funding or donations made to Texas A&M by the government of Qatar and agencies and subdivisions of the government of Qatar. Qatar controversially has aligned itself with Islamic terrorists and extremists which has placed it at odds with the United States, Israel and other U.S. allies in the Middle East.

U.S. to Spend $50 Million on “Post-Release Services” for Migrant Youths

As part of the red carpet rollout for illegal immigrants the Biden administration is dedicating tens of millions of dollars to provide migrant youths with a multitude of services once they are released from government shelters. This includes medical, educational, legal and an array of other services. American taxpayers will also fund detailed home studies by deploying case managers to conduct intensive in-home engagements and virtual check-ins to ensure the safety and continued support for the young migrants and the families they have been released to.


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Court rules in favor of releasing info on funding, Qatar’s influence over Texas A&M campus

Just the News

A Texas county court has ruled in favor of releasing information about Qatar’s potential influence over Texas A&M University through funding and by hosting one of the school’s campuses in the Gulf State.


1.2 million inactive voters removed from Los Angeles voter rolls, more than half haven’t voted in 10 years

The Blaze

Over 1 million inactive voters have been removed from the voter rolls in Los Angeles County, California, stemming from a lawsuit filed in 2017.

In an effort to clean up voter rolls and prevent possible voter fraud, Judicial Watch, a conservative organization that promotes government transparency, sued Los Angeles County on behalf of legally registered voters.


Buzz: Millions spent, little gained, in Durham investigation, Census wants slavery category

Washington Examiner

In the latest example of how special counsels might not be worth what taxpayers spend on them, Judicial Watch has uncovered last year’s budget for Russiagate special counsel John Durham, who hasn’t made many headlines.


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