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Account Management: The Edge in Game Performance?

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Every operator worth their salt knows all too well that it is not just enough to have an excellent casino game like online slots in Australia for real money with great visuals and a smooth-running interface. To make such games rank as high as they should, to get them the much-needed traffic, and for overall gaming success, an account manager is needed. When we speak of account managers, we do not refer to those who work in banks and manage accounts and funds for their various clients.

Here, we refer to managers who work hand in hand with operators to gather all the information they would need to cause a boost in in-game performance. If we were to make a list of the top casino games, we would find that the games topping the chart achieved this through good account management.

Account Management for Gaming Performance

It is every operator’s wish that their game ranks high or is featured on the homepage of a casino website or its mobile application. To achieve this, creators put all their efforts into making great games. More than half of the time, they create excellent and fun games. They try as much as they can to establish a broad distribution. Not surprisingly, that is not all there is to it. A great game and good distribution are not a guarantee that the overall gaming performance will improve.

The reason why creators strive to have their games rank high on their operator’s page is very simple: high-ranking games see the most traffic, which translates to being played the most by users, which eventually means that more revenue comes from them. Games near the bottom see the least action most of the time, and this typically equates to bad business for the operators.

There are a lot of intricacies behind the ranking of games and game shares on the operator site, and no one understands this better than the account manager. With that said, some gaming studios can achieve great rankings with the help of their own sister operator arms. For studios that do not have these kinds of help, it is imperative that an account manager is brought on board.

There are several methods operators use to decide which game stays where and for how long. Sometimes they use the knowledge of the latest trends with the customers. Other times they might just ‘go with the flow’ and allow a game to take its place on their ranking based on revenue, turnover and so on.

They also make use of algorithms that utilise customer game history to make their decisions. Ultimately, operators favour game studios with which they have a good relationship. To achieve good rankings on the operator site, an account manager is needed onboard for this task.

Account managers are skilled in boosting games. They help improve gaming performance by providing game assets which include but are not limited to banners, statistics, copy, features and more. They create avenues for greater exposure on ‘featured’ and even ‘new ‘pages as well.

They are experts at bringing the most preferred features in games and highlighting them in such ways that the activity on these games rises as it should. They are adept at offering unique terms for certain games without breaching their agreements in such a way that game performance is boosted in the end. They also go the extra mile by cross-selling these games on product tabs too.

What Is Player Account Management?

This is a category of account management that is tasked with the handling of the player account. It is an integral part of iGaming technology. The PAM could be said to be like a spider web. It is the heart of all gaming operations. Every email sent to players, bets placed, and other transactions are connected in one way or the other to the PAM.

The PAM functions by analysing all the information and helps to offer customised gaming solutions for each player. This makes casino gaming even more fun and exciting for users as they are able to get exactly what they want from their gaming experience.

PAM is very helpful in terms of responsible gambling as it can be used in the monitoring of players’ activities as well as their information on the casino’s website. Essentially, they ensure the seamless running and management of the player account.

Account Management in Casinos

Account management is an intricate part of the system that casinos cannot do without. With online casinos, new games are created, and these games need traffic to generate revenue for their owners. Account managers come on board and improve game activity by utilising all the resources at their disposal to ensure that these games have good rankings on the operator’s site.

Player account management is equally significant as it is the perfect way to meet players at their various points of need. Additionally, player profiles can be monitored closely. This way, fraudulent activities can be detected on time before sketchy individuals are able to defraud players on the online casino and make away with their funds.

Roles of an Account Manager

An account manager is an integral part of any gaming system. A lot of individuals do not know their worth, but those who do, understand that not much can be done for gaming performance without the help of these experts. When looking for an account manager, it is advised that you get a professional that is able to fulfil the following roles efficiently.

  • Relationship Building: Beyond boosting game performance, it is the role of an account manager to build strong relationships between customers and the casino as well. They can do this by fulfilling the desires of customers. This makes clients loyal and ensures they do not stray too far away.
  • Detailed Analysis of Client Activity: Analysing client activity and patterns in gameplay is no small task, but an efficient account manager is up to it.
  • Marketing Campaign: Using in-house resources for promotional fulfilment and analysing marketing campaigns and initiatives.
  • Assessing and Validating Client’s Needs: Account managers do this on a regular basis in a bid to provide tailored solutions to fit each client’s needs.
  • Ranking: They provide operator sites with promotional posts and content that can help them with a good ranking.


A great game is a noteworthy achievement, but beyond that, it needs to rank on the charts. Simple advertisements and promotions do not cut it in this present day and age. A lot more is required, and this is why the role of an account manager cannot be overemphasised. Likewise, player account management is very helpful in providing tailored solutions for players’ complaints, detection of fraudulent systems, supporting player profiles’ and other functionalities. An online casino cannot function as it should without these systems in place.

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