A sympathetic look at Adebayor’s Arsenal career on his retirement

A sympathetic look at Adebayor’s Arsenal career on his retirement

At the age of 39 Adebayor has announced his retirement.

The irony being his best goal scoring season came at the club he claims to ‘hate’ – the Arsenal.

The manager who took him closest to winning trophies, Arsene Wenger  was labelled a ‘fake’.

62 goals in 142 games is not a bad conversion rate, yet on zero platforms have the Gunners chose to pay respect to the striker’s career.

Even from a business point of view it should be given more credit than it tends to get.

Signed for just 3 million, sold for 25, it’s another example of how Mr Wenger could spot a gem, develop a youngster into a diamond and make a huge profit.

Yet when you visit the Emirates you are unlikely to see his image, have him invited back to say hello and if any montages are made, if possible,  he is left out.

All parties try to dissociate with each other like his employment never happened. Over the years the few times either have mentioned one another  is Adebayor defending his reputation and maintain the club lied about his exit in 2009.

Whatever your view on his time in North London might depend on who you believe.

Adebayor’s version is he made it clear to Mr Wenger that he didn’t want to leave but was told the Gunners needed the money, and that if he didn’t co-operate he would be relegated to the reserves.

Adebayor was then shocked a week later to see his ex-boss on TV accuse him of joining Man City, motivated by the wages on offer.

What we now know is during this era Arsenal were under pressure to pay off debts from building their new stadium, with the business model being to ensure they get revenue from being in the Champions League, while every year cashing in on one of their best assets.

Fabregas, Nasri and Van Persie were equally painted as greedy when leaving, only to since stress that Arsenal were not as resistant to their transfers as they like to make out to the public.

With us knowing the financial situation we were in and Wenger’s willingness to deflect, it’s strange that not more Gunners seem to believe the players version of events.

How some of his teammates talked about him suggests his attitude wasn’t the best, but that doesn’t make him a liar.

What if he generally did want to stay with us?

What if he was being told he wasn’t wanted?

Wouldn’t he then be justified to be ignored when the opposite is leaked out?

I think some supporters don’t want to consider that stance as it’s easier to excuse chants of ‘Your Mother is a Whore’ and your dad ‘Washes Elephants ‘.

Of course I’m educated enough to know that even if he had pushed for a transfer, no matter his salary, nothing warrants those remarks.

Any coward who said those words, and yet cried when he celebrated in front of the away end at the Etihad (with grown adults ripping up chairs ) are an embarrassment to our club.

Anyone who doesn’t condemn that abuse is just as guilty.

That knee slide in Manchester is sadly the highlight of his career.

Tragic really considering the talent he had.

The biggest irony (he might be too proud to see it) is the best version of himself was at Arsenal, because he had the arm round the shoulder that he craved.

He was clearly hurt when it was removed, and he would join another 8 clubs searching for it, never to find it.

You could argue the 170,000 pound a week Man City paid him essentially blocked him?

Given his childhood in Africa and the chance to look after his family he was never going to leave that money on the table, but it meant that most clubs in the world could now not afford him.

Real Madrid, and originally Spurs, admitted that’s the reason loans were not made into permanent moves.

It’s believed City were still paying part of the forward’s paid to facilitate the move to the Lane.

This was the start of an unwanted track record of playing well to earn a long term deal, but downing tools once it became a reality.

He would score 1 league goal in 6 months at Palace, 4 years in Turkey, 4 games in Paraguay and finished his playing days in Togo.

If you grew up in poverty like Adebayor did, you can’t begrudge him being motivated by money.

His talent was like a lottery ticket to his family, some of whom would later exploit his generosity.

It’s easy to judge the stereotypical footballer with the fast cars, crazy outfits and enjoying partying.

Equally many can’t relate to what Adebayor went through as a child.

If you’re battling for food and electricity from a baby to your teens, you’re not going to take money for granted and understandably would want to make as much as possible.

If you had to go to the beach to wash, then perhaps it’s impossible to not let money motivate you?

The 39-year-old has helped make many lives better, including charities.

If his truth is accurate, then I can understand his bitterness towards Arsenal.

I think his ‘hate’ might come from the fact he once loved us and in the end didn’t get that love back.

At a certain point I think he loved Arsenal more then he really knows.

I think he found a home. Somewhere where he got a decent living while being adored by 60,000 people every week and a manager who (when he wanted to) could be a father figure.

It’s clear he’s keeps a tight circle and is loyal to those close to him.

The rejecting from Arsenal hurt, the racism from some ‘fans’ hurt the most.

That’s the twisted irony. He took the transfer as a betrayal, a break of trust, an insult.

Yet his perception is the opposite.

Most of all though, for so long it looked like his story at Arsenal would end differently.

Like a lot of that young squad from that era, Adebayor came close to something special.

Arsenal were the team who gave him the chance to prove himself in Europe, and if nothing else make more money than he thought possible.

Deep down he knows that.

Once a Gooner always a Gooner so …

Enjoy your retirement Adebayor!

Dan Smith

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