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A Look Inside the Oxford Companion to Spirits & Cocktails

For nearly ten years, Life Behind Bars co-hosts David Wondrich and Noah Rothbaum have been working on a special project: The Oxford Companion to Spirits & Cocktails.

A few weeks ago, the nearly 900-page book debuted with more than 1,100 entries from 150 contributors. On this special episode, Wondrich and Rothbaum take you behind the scenes of this massive book to talk about how it came to be and how they put it together. This kicks off a short mini-series of episodes inspired by the Oxford Companion.

So fix yourself a cocktail and listen to this episode of Life Behind Bars. Cheers!

Life Behind Bars features Half Full’s editor Noah Rothbaum and its Senior Drinks Columnist David Wondrich as they discuss the greatest bartenders and greatest cocktails of all time. It won the 2018 and the 2021 Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Award for the world’s best drinks podcast.

Edited by Alex Skjong


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