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360 Security Guard Express Edition updates and upgrades for Win10 and Win11

Recently, 360 Security Guard Speed ​​Edition officially released version 2.0, and on the occasion of its first anniversary, it will meet users with a brand-new interface and extremely intelligent performance. This upgrade has carried out targeted high-speed iterative optimization on the basis of the previous version. For Win10&Win11 system, a comprehensive scene-based upgrade has been carried out from the underlying logic to the display interface, making it closer to the use environment and at the same time providing users with “Clean and refreshing” security protection experience.

It is understood that this revision mainly improves the cleaning acceleration ability on Win10 and Win11 systems. For users who have not used the cleaning optimization function for a long time, a comprehensive physical examination optimization can be carried out. At the same time, after listening to the user’s opinions and needs, 360 Security Guard Express Edition has carried out logical optimization and comprehensive improvement in response to the user’s feedback on adding the automatic cleaning function.

Specifically, for users who have not used the cleaning and optimization function for a long time, 360 Security Guard Express Edition will prompt the user to perform comprehensive optimization on the homepage of the cleaning and acceleration. After the user clicks, they can perform in-depth cleaning and acceleration. On the cleaning and accelerated scanning result page, the system optimization and the content of the built-in application are displayed respectively, and the page display is more intuitive and clear. In addition, the “Automatic Cleanup” entry has been added to the results page of the cleanup acceleration, making cleanup easier and more convenient.

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360 Security Guard Express Edition 2.0 simplifies the one-key operation process in terms of functional logic, removes redundant functions, and realizes “sweeping and cleaning two-in-one”, so that the page display is more clear and clear, and the cleaning speed and overall performance are also improved. a big improvement.

As we all know, 360 Security Guard adheres to the core concept of taking security as the foundation, providing services around the entire computer scene, and creating comprehensive security, and is always committed to improving user experience. This revision and optimization has been upgraded again, and the interface presentation, cleaning acceleration, and physical examination optimization have been improved again, bringing users a deeper security protection experience. Security Guard Express Edition abandons complex functions and designs, and retains the most core security protection functions. Since its launch, it has been widely praised by users for its concise pages, pure and non-pop-up advertising experience, and extremely fast security protection performance.

In the future, 360 Security Guard will continue to respond to user needs and launch more diversified product functions and services according to users’ different usage habits and usage scenarios.