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29 Products Parents Swear By To Make Their Homes More Kid-Friendly

Promising review: “These things are fabulous. Couldn’t be easier to put up and once I trimmed the extra off the bottom, they’re a perfect fit. I put them in the master bedroom behind our nice-looking wood blinds AND in the kids room. Our 7-year-old used to wake up with the sun even with good blinds…she now sleeps through the night and will sleep in later than us! I would pay for these time and time again to get the extra peace and quiet in the morning! Thank you for these inexpensive miracle workers! Parents, do yourself a favor and get these!” —Kate

Promising review: “I love these so much that I just keep buying them. I think I’ve reviewed them like five times already but whatever. They are that awesome. If you are renting a home, traveling in hotels/at family’s house, moving to a new house, or just have kids — these are LIFE. I’ve used them for years under my kids’ curtains since they were babies because they truly are blackout. We are military and move A LOT and the first thing I do is buy these before our trip because it’s not always possible to hang curtains right away. They are literally just paper, they come extra wide so you can cut them with scissors to fit your window and they are peel-and-stick. Too easy.” —esskay

Get a pack of six from Amazon for $17.95.