27 External Sex Toys Because Sometimes You Don't Want To Be Penetrated, Y'Know

27 External Sex Toys Because Sometimes You Don't Want To Be Penetrated, Y'Know

This vibrator is called “Pep” (which it’ll put in your step) and boasts five vibration intensities and three patterns to explore with both targeted and broad stimulation.

Promising reviews: “Despite the best efforts of myself and my wonderful girlfriend, I have never in my life had an orgasm. Though that remains true so far, it is about 20 minutes since I first used Pep and I was MUCH farther gone than I have EVER been. I’ve had Bean since about a year ago, and while Bean is nice, the little bit of give that Pep has (so it doesn’t feel like hard plastic) along with its vibration patterns go a long way. My body is very fickle, and loves variation in speed, position, etc. Pep’s size makes it much more easily maneuverable than Bean, and its vibration patterns keep my body “focused” more than anything else. HIGHLY recommend, especially for beginners and those with trouble orgasming like me.” —Loren S.

“I always expect things like Pep to just be a regular ol sex toy. Nothing fancy or special exactly, but does the job, you know? But the Pep is actually like, so special without being extra. I’m happy with the vibration settings, particularly how soft they start out! There’s a perfect gradient between levels and it never feels too harsh and it’s just *chefs kiss*. Probably my favorite part is the difference in firmness on different parts of it, soft on one end, a little firmer on the other, and it fits so nicely in my hand. Also can we talk about how nice it is that it’s waterproof? So easy to clean which is major. Keeping this Lil’ Thang ON ME 4ever.” —Lauryl S.

Get it from Unbound for $42 (available in blue and orange).

Source: BuzzFeed.

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