2023: Rev Chris Okotie Responds To Critics Of His Presidential Ambition

2023: Rev Chris Okotie Responds To Critics Of His Presidential Ambition

By Wondrous Nnaemeka

Senior pastor of the Household of God, Rev Chris Okotie has explained why he did not run for the presidential ticket of any political party in 2022, ahead of the 2023 general elections.

The clergyman had vied for Nigeria’s presidential seat in 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2019 but failed to win the polls.

He once said in 2015 that God spoke to him about his participation in the Nigeria political process.

Appearing on Arise Television program on Sunday, he was asked why he was not running for the presidency this time around.

“Is it that God didn’t speak to you this time around?”

Reacting, Okotie said that if he wanted to be president or gain political power, he would have joined the dominant political parties, that is, the All Progressive Congress or the Peoples Democratic party.

He, however, said that he aligned with Fresh Democratic party because he wanted a platform where he would be sharing new concepts of governance for the nation.

He said ,“ You know it is very difficult to communicate to a mind that does not understand the operation of the Spirit of God.

“But I will say to them, if I wanted a political power or political career, I would have joined the dominant political parties. You know for the fact that if President Muhammadu Buhari had ran under the Fresh Democratic party, there was no way he would have won.

“For you to win an election, you must be involved with the dominant political parties . That is the only way to win an election.

“But I was looking for a podium on which to begin to ventilate concepts of governance that will augur well for the youths of this nation and to meet the challenges of the 21st century.”

Okotie expressed optimism that a time is coming when the positive transformation of Nigeria’s political system will become imperative, “and I believe that if we do not do what we need to do, we will be very very sorry.”

The cleric also acknowledged the youth for coming out to get their Permanent Voters Card ahead of the 2023 general elections but insisted that due to national spread, it is still the APC and PDP that will have its way.

“You must understand that politics of Nigeria transcends youthful exuberance or certain excessiveness because there are technicalities that are involved that makes it almost impossible for you to make that kind of impression particularly at this time.

“APC and PDP cannot be challenged when it comes to national spread, and that’s been realistic, away from the sentimentality of any youth involvement,” he added.

Refusing to endorse any of the presidential flagbearers, Okotie maintained that Nigeria will not move forward with any political party in the helm of affairs except there is a total overhaul of the presidential system of governance.

He said “Now I would like to see a difference but the system is faulty and it cannot produce anything aside the way it has been programmed.

“So, without been pessimistic, there is nothing that is going to change if we follow this path; our people are desirous of change but it is not going to come within this system because this system has been programmed to fail.”

Source: The Whistler.

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