20 Shows People Loved At First, But Then Got Bored Of

20 Shows People Loved At First, But Then Got Bored Of

Okay… so when did you give up on “The Walking Dead”

One fine day, u/TheScrollingBones asked fellow Redditors on r/television an important query, “What TV show had a great pilot but became a huge disappointment a few episodes later?”. Here are the answers



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“Not sure how many people know/remember this show, but Helix. Holy smokes it has an intense pilot that sets a great premise, and while I personally didn’t find the show all in all to be a “huge disappointment”, it definitely is quite mediocre, if not a bit below.” — u/Faoroth


Designated Survivor

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Designated Survivor started out great, but then turned into utter shit in just a few episodes. It’s a completely different show now… it went from a government conspiracy thriller show to some dramedy West Wing rip off, and it’s not working.” — u/Gato1980



FOX / Via giphy.com

Glee. It had a smart, original, quirky pilot that poked fun at the type of over-saturated after-school-special soap it became after the first thirteen episodes. The back nine of season one is where it started to fall apart, but it was still pretty solid. Season two was a train wreck and the rest of the show was almost unwatchable.”  — u/QueenOfTheSlayers


The Following

FOX / Via giphy.com

“Terrific Pilot, genuinely intense thriller show. Then episode 2 was awful, episode 3 was really good but pretty much all of it after that was mediocre to downright abysmal.” — u/SongBirdsWrath


Under The Dome

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“The first episode of Under the Dome was absolutely brilliant. The first season was flawed but watchable. The second season went completely off the fucking rails. I gave it up about the time they found a portal out and didn’t just immediately round everyone up and leave.” — u/Noglues


Sleepy Hollow

FOX / Via giphy.com

Sleepy Hollow is one of my favourite pilots of all time but the show never lived up to the potential set up in that episode.” — u/cory120



ABC / Via in.pinterest.com

“Damn good 1st season – but after that just one of the worst tv ever.
Read rest episodes on the wiki.” — u/emilyguy


Luke Cage

Disney / Marvel

“I made it through a few episodes actually but it just didn’t appeal to me like Daredevil or Jessica Jones.” — u/CrapThunder


The Last Man On Earth

FOX / Via giphy.com

The Last Man on Earth is the perfect example. Was so excited for the show, then Forte and the regression to a bad normal show ruin it.” — u/Maculate


The Cape

NBC / Amazon / Via amazon.com

The Cape was a short-lived superhero show that promised to be both grounded and suitably campy about a cop framed for murder and learning to be a hero from a group of circus performers. After the first couple of episodes, it just got too boring and serious, but the pilot was very entertaining.”  — u/AwesomeManatee


The Blacklist

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“It was such a cool premise and the characters are great. The biggest issue I feel was a lack of an endgame. They stretched too many questions out for several seasons so I gave up.” — u/TictacTyler


Flash Forward

ABC / Via gfycat.com

“Such a great premise and opening, then every single episode that followed were so very bad. Full of pretentious dialogue with no substance, no plan, characters did things for no reason, it was enraging.” — u/spektrall


The End of the F***ing World

Channel 4 / Via tenor.com

The End of the F***ing World started off with the main character being a legit psycho, and then by the second or third episode he was basically just an edgy teen.” — u/[deleted]



AMC / Via giphy.com

“LOVED the pilot, was amazing. I still watch the show, but it’s one of those things that has a few really high highs, but many, many really low lows. The good episodes are really awesome to me, but it has like 80% of the season being kind of, well, a boring slogfest that I just push through to get to the fun parts. The show could’ve been so much better.” — u/Mojambo213



Warner Bros. / Via tenor.com

“This was a great pilot with a really interesting setup. The season was let down by fairly unlikeable, whingey lead characters and a bit of a hokey plot.” — u/ParanoidQ


Marvelous Mrs Maisel

Amazon Prime Video / Via tenor.com

“The show wasn’t bad, but I loved the pilot and thought the rest was just ok, thus disappointment ensued.” — u/cronedog


Stargate Universe

Showtime / Via tenor.com

“The pilot was excellent but shortly thereafter it became arguments in space as my wife refers to it.” — u/goaway432

Source: Culled From BuzzFeed.

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